Copyright 1987.

The SA-2 Guideline is the standard Soviet anti-air missile used by North Vietnam. It uses radar to guide the missile which the U.S. Wild Weasel missiles can easily lock on to when the North Vietnamese radar is turned on. Now a recent report from an engagement that the North Vietnamese are using a new system that can target aircraft without using radar. This could change the air war in favor of the North. So the CIA and Air Force intelligence need a covert operation to get ahold of this new Soviet technology.

Thus Mack Gerber and Sgt. Fetterman are picked for the job. They are to pick the men they need and jump from a B-52 at thirty thousand feet into North Vietnam. There they must infiltrate a missile base and bring back the new system for study.

So this one has Gerber going into a covert operation into North Vietnam. A dangerous mission that reunites Gerber with some of the people he worked with before. There is Kit the beautiful former VC. Sgt. Krung the ethnic Tai that has a personal vendetta against the Communists for the murder of his family. He takes the genitals from those he kills and vowed to take fifty for each family member killed. He also had a big family. Some other comrades from the days at camp A-555 and a whiny Air Force technician. I enjoy the way they manage to show the stupidity of the armchair warriors who are in charge. They get further orders in the mission to go one hundred miles west to check out another base then are supposed to go to Hanoi and rescue the prisoners at the Hanoi Hilton. Needless to say they aren’t able to carry out such goofy orders. An enjoyable story and nice to see that the action is taking a more theater wide outlook.

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