Copyright 1987.

Captain Gerber gets called to Saigon for an important assignment. He is ordered to lead a reconnaissance mission into Cambodia to monitor the Ho Chi Minh trail. The orders are signed by general Westmoreland so there is no danger of another court martial for violating the border. He also is ordered to take with him a Kit Carson Scout. These are what the Americans called VC who defected and now work for them. The missions starts out without a hitch but it quickly becomes clear that its not what it seems. They find a transponder that the VC are using to track them. The reality is that they are being used as bait to draw the VC out into the open so a B-52 airstrike can destroy them. General Crinshaw has ordered that no rescue attempt be made so now Gerber and his men are trapped, surrounded by VC waiting for a B-52 bombardment.

The next book in the series is a solid story. Our heroes get caught up in the vengeful machinations of General Crinshaw. The Kit Carson scout turns out to be a beautiful half-French woman. Amazing how lucky that turns out instead of some old guy missing all his teeth which was probably the normal Kit Carson Scout. In fact Gerber has three women in this story after him. His girlfriend reporter Robin. The Kit Carson Scout and Robin’s sister who he was originally seeing but turned out to be married. She is apparently leaving her husband and wants to get back together. Yeah this guy has it tough.

Anyway this was an exciting story with a lot of action and suspense. You wondered how they would get out of the situation they were in and luckily Robin and the CIA agent Maxwell came through in getting them rescued. So definitely the series can continue with new adventures.

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