Copyright 1987.

Staff Sgt. Sean Cavanaugh has been released from the hospital and reassigned to camp A-555. Cavanaugh back when the camp was being established was the sole survivor of an attack on a listening post. He defended it wounded and out of ammo resulting in over 70 VC dead. He should have received the Medal of Honor but the rules state there must be a witness so he gets an inferior medal. He goes out on patrol and another ambush occurs with him the sole survivor. This causes him to snap. He forms a squad of Vietnamese strikers who lose family when a village was massacred. He starts a private war against the VC with a trademark of cutting off the trigger fingers of the slain enemy. Now Captain Gerber has no choice but to hunt down the renegade.

This story is mainly Sean Cavanaugh’s and he is a tragic figure. Only nineteen he has seen more and been through more than a nineteen year old kid should. You feel sympathetic for him and root for his personal crusade for it is very effective. In the end he actually manages to save Gerber who was out to assassinate him at the cost of his own life. He ends up posthumously winning the Medal of Honor. A very enjoyable story with a new twist.

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