Copyright 1987.

Captain Mack Gerber gets an order from General Crinshaw. He is ordered to take practically all the personal from his camp and search for a downed aircraft. The airplane was supposedly carrying General Westmoreland from a secret meeting in Cambodian. When most of the personnel leave the ARVN executive officer a Lt. Dung puts a plan into action. Dung is actually a major in the VC and with about 40 other VC infiltrated into the striker ranks turn on the camp. They leave it open to a VC battalion that captures the camp. They take Robin Morrow the reporter hostage and also General Crinshaw comes blundering along and gets himself and his staff captured. Now Gerber must organized his forces to retake the camp and rescue the hostages.

This is probably the best of the series so far. A real page turner that kept my interest from beginning to end. There was a lot of action with the capture of the camp. General Crinshaw gets exposed as the cowardly dipshit that he is. Poor Robin now twice in a row gets captured stripped naked and tortured. She has not had a lot of luck since becoming Gerber’s girlfriend. Also the mission with Westmoreland turns out to be someone whose impersonating him. A secret CIA team destroys the evidence of the crash so we never really find out what that mission was all about. This is a very exciting book and the duo that writes this series is starting to really get the hang of it.


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