Copyright 1984.

Mack Gerber and the men of camp A-555 get a well deserved leave after successfully defending the camp against a VC regiment. But no sooner then they land in Australia when they are called back. A U-2 spy plane on a mission in China was flying over North Vietnam when it goes down. The pilot is held captive at a NVA base at Nhu Ky. Now Gerber and his green berets must parachute into North Vietnam and rescue the pilot. After a successful breakout they then have to track down the U-2 to retrieve the photos it took before the NVA get it. Luckily they make friends with the ethnic Nung Tai people who help them.

The second book in the series is a much stronger one than the first. The covert operation in the north was an exciting mission. Shifts the action to a whole new area of the war. Some things established are a growing romantic relationship between Gerber and an Air Force nurse. A mysterious Chinese advisor who was briefly present in this book and the first. He will become a somewhat regular nemesis in this series. It also had an interesting tie in with real life events. We find out at the end that their escape to the destroyer Maddox resulted in the Gulf of Tonkin incident. This incident was North Vietnamese patrol boats firing on the destroyer. It was used by President Johnson to escalate the war. Very clever idea.


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