Copyright 2000

The third in the trilogy finds the Coalition squad under Sorenson back into the wilds to hunt down Zenjori Suka and his Army of the New Order. It takes them to the village of Liberty, Maryland. Sorensen has to fight Suka and his powerful well equipped mercenary army. He also has to worry about a Splurgoth slave raider from Atlantis. The biggest enemy comes from within. Captain Prichett is tasked by Colonel Lyboc to make sure that Sorenson and his men do not survive.

The third book was fun to read. There was plenty of action with magic and cyborgs. Some humor with a crazy Cyber-knight and a kooky shape-shifting dragon that liked to adopt the image of Mel Gibson. It also finally revealed the reason behind Zenjori Suka. He was hired to attack villages along the border with Tolkeen to make the Coalition military presence welcome. He also was to expose a fifth column movement whose goal was to overthrow the emperor and restore democracy to the Coalition. Zenjori had the names and proof that the Coalition was using chemicals in the food and water to mind control citizens. Which is why the Coalition wanted him hunted down.

I liked the Rifts world that was created for the role-playing game. RPG games usually have very intricate and exciting worlds they create and I like the novels based on them. Its too bad that more books weren’t written for this series. There’s a whole world with Vampire Kingdoms in Mexico, Corporate superstate in Germany, a new continent of Atlantis run by magical creatures. Well the company is still in business and put out a anthology book. Perhaps they will write some more in the future.

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