Copyright 1999.

The Coalition squad under Lt. Mike Sorenson has launched a final attack on the Army of the New Order. Just when they were about to win an order comes over the airwaves to retreat. The victorious Coalition soldier are shocked at the order that allows the ANO to retreat. Sorensen claims he never gave this order. After fighting off a Federation of Magic attack the squad makes it back to Chi-town. Here Sorenson is arrested and put on trial for the order. Now his fellow squad must investigate the shadowy conspiracy behind framing their leader.

The second in the Rifts trilogy was a much better book than the first. A well written story with action plus fair amount of intrigue. We get to explore the fortress city of Chi-town and its surrounding suburbs. An introduction to the Coalition culture with its xenophobic aversion to magic. The reorientation that many in the squad have to go through shows the paranoia that the Coalition views against all magic users and non-humans. We also find out that top Coalition officers set up the Army of the New Order with a Glitter Boy robot to show how dangerous they were and the need for a new robot. In effect they were justifying the purchase of this new robot and making tons of money in the process. The ANO has damning evidence which looks like what they used to escape the Coalition. It sets up the final confrontation that will be in the concluding book of the trilogy.

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