Copyright 1999.

A hundred years in the future a nuclear war will break out. The who or why is lost to history but it kills billions. The death of billions release an energy that goes into the dormant lay lines that encircle the planet. The energy causes massive natural disasters killing more and feeding more energy to the lay lines. Rifts open that let extra-dimensional beings known as D-bees into our world. Now three hundred years later the planet is an alien world. Many D-bees and humans now practice magic. There are also technologically advanced civilizations.

One of these is the Coalition. Its capital the enclosed mega-city of Chi-town. The Coalition is ruled by Emperor Prosek and xenophobic about magic and D-bees. A new threat the Army of the New Order has attacked their borders with a Glitter Boy the most powerful battle suit in existence. A search and destroy mission is launched to hunt down the ANO and its leader Zenjori Suka. The Coalition unit heads into the wilds of Ohio in pursuit. Battling magical cults and other powerful creatures. The trail leads to Youngstown where the ANO has used magic and deceit to take over the town.

This is the first in a series of books based on the role-playing game Rifts. Reading it you get the feeling that there is a rpg going on. The battle scenes deal with how many hits the character takes and how much is absorbed by the magical or body armor shielding. The book also is notorious for being the worst editing job ever. The editor made a real mess with misspelling and unfinished sentences.

Still the book is an interesting read. Its mostly an action based story with a lot of battles. Magical beings and advanced body armor that can fly. Throw in a shape-shifting dragon, a techno-mage who joins magic with technology and mind control wizards you have one wild story.

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