Copyright 1993.

Rourke has been saved with the transplanted heart of a clone and was able to destroy Zimmer’s base in the Himalayas. Now with his empire and plans for world conquest coming apart Zimmer is set to implement his plan B. Option Omega involves releasing a virulent form of AIDS virus that mutates constantly and is airborne. Inoculating himself and his adopted son Martin he will kill off all other people. Then when the virus burns itself out he will emerge with the genetic material of the Rourke family and create a new master race. A race he can download whatever he wants them to think. Also he will create a slave race that will serve this master race. This with his ability to download his brain pattern into a clone of himself will make him a virtual god.

But he first needs the ‘inferior’ mongrelized races to prevent the volcanic rift that threatens to destroy the world. Rourke knows of his plan and that he must act quickly. A plan is formed to assault his base and steal the vaccine. So will he succeed in time and will the Earth be saved from imminent destruction.

So this is the final book in the original series. Back in the ’90s after the Soviet collapse the various post-apocalypse series went with it. Many just sort of ended abruptly. This series lasted a while longer and actually ended with its eminent demise in mind. Rourke does stop Zimmer’s mad plan and the nuclear explosion seals the volcanic rift. He manages to marry his love Emma and the others also settle down with those they love. It ends with Rourke having children. His son and daughter also having kids and the world is at peace. There was closure to the series and I found it satisfactory.

But the Rourke family isn’t one to just sit around peacefully. So we will look into that with the recently revived series that continues the saga of John Rourke and his adventures in the far future.


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