Copyright 1993.

The world is facing total destruction. The volcanic crack started in Hawaii is heading toward the North American plate. When it connects it will cause the largest volcanic explosion in history literally destroying the Earth. Rourke has other troubles also. He has rescued his estranged wife but Dietrich Zimmer implanted false memories in her that it was Rourke who shot her in the head. A Nazi fifth columnist manages to almost succeed in killing Rourke. His heart is damaged and only a transplant will save his life. Zimmer has clones of all the Rourke family including John. Locked in his impregnable fortress in the Himalayas. Thus the Rourke family comes up with a desperate plan to infiltrate and steal a clone.

The old series is coming to a close and sets up a fascinating scenario. The world faces doom. They need a clone but also they debate the ethics in killing a human being for that is what the clone is. An interesting dilemma and one that gets you to thinking. Well everything works out in the end and will come to a conclusion in the next book.

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