Copyright 1993.

War between the Nazis and the Trans-Global Alliance has broken out. Dietrich Zimmer starts it by launching a nuclear attack on the gathering army of the Alliance. This is very dangerous because the planet has still not recovered from the last nuclear war. If this wasn’t enough the volcano eruption in Hawaii has opened a rift. The rift is heading toward the North American Plate. Once there is was go down the fault all around the Pacific and blow the Earth out of orbit ending all life. Only a large nuclear explosion might seal the rift but they would need the Nazis weapons with the ones the Alliance possess. With all this potential doom Rourke still has to rescue his wife. Thus he puts in motion a daring raid to capture the Nazi headquarters in Canada.

So the Earth is once again is serious danger. If not from another nuclear war then a doomsday scenario with the volcanic rift. Then he also has to rescue his estranged wife who may or may not be a clone and not the real thing. The story keeps the reader in suspense on how it will be resolved. One thing I didn’t like is a new character that was introduced and killed off. Alan Crockett a archeologist and adventurer had a lot of potential. It was sad to see him go so soon.

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