Copyright 1992.

Rourke and his family have successfully managed to escape with Martin Zimmer and bring him back to Hawaii. The Hawaiian islands were resettled by the Americans of Mid-Wake. He has little time to relax as the Nazis of Eden are starting to carry out their plan for invasion. Already teams of SS commandos have infiltrated the island and started terrorist attacks. To make matters worse the volcano of Kilauea is about to erupt. A team of Nazis have successfully rescued Martin and have taken shelter next to the erupting volcano.

The story takes place mostly on Hawaii. This is sort of a post-post-apocalypse story now. This is the first that the Rourkes have spend in a normal environment. There is a functioning society with electricity, cars, TV and fast food. Little has changed in the six and a half centuries with American society. Unfortunately the terrorist is a very familiar problem. The Nazis attack a school and murder eighty-six kids. Ahern was very prescient on the future it seems.

Another big development is at the end Rourke is fighting with his son Martin who is trying to escape and he falls out of the plane into the volcano. It devastates Rourke that he is responsible for killing his son even thought the son was a total tool. It also complicates his plan to have Dietrich Zimmer perform life saving surgery on his wife.

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