Copyright 1991.

The end is coming for the Soviets. Rourke and his allies manage to assault and capture both the underground and underwater city. There is now peace in the world and Rourke settles down and sets up a clinic outside Eden. But there are still sinister forces at work. Dietrich Zimmer the head of the Nazis attacks Rourke’s clinic. He shoots his wife Sarah in the head after she gives birth to their son and the son seems to have died in the attack. Rourke is himself seriously injured and goes into a coma. The only way to save them is to put both Rourke and Sarah into cryogenic sleep in the hopes that some future technology can save them. After Zimmer fakes his death the Rourke family Paul, Annie, Michael and Natalia decide to go into cryogenic sleep with Rourke so the two won’t be alone when they wake in the future.

Go forward 125 years into the future. Rourke and his family with the exception of Sarah and Wolfgang Mann who also took the sleep. There is a new threat to the world. Eden has been taken over by the Nazis and is now a major military power that threatens the world. The Trans-Global Alliance lead by the U.S. is the only force that opposes them. Rourke and this family are believed dead, killed in a join Nazi-KGB suicide attack. This was encouraged to protect the Rourke’s and now John Rourke is a legend. His face is on the money. His retreat is a tourist attraction and there’s a movie made about him. What is most disturbing is that his son is still alive and was raised by Dietrich Zimmer. Martin Zimmer is a cruel racist Nazi who Dietrich has also mixed in the genes of Adolf Hitler.

This was the tenth year anniversary for the Survivalist and Ahern decided to really give the fans something new. Its a really unique idea to move the family into the future. This future world has infinite possibilities for all new adventures. I especially enjoyed Rourke’s reaction to the cheezy movie with a beefcake actor that portrays him. The story has bit of humor in it. You can always count on people to screw up the world. It looked like there would finally be peace but instead a Nazi super-state was allowed to develop.

There were five million books in print of the Survivalist. Translated into Japanese and French this series had a worldwide following. While most of the post-nuke series died off in the ’90s this one was still going strong. Now a new world with new enemies and friends. A son who is the main protagonist. I think that the main success of this series is what Ahern stated in the introduction is his belief that good triumphs over evil. A simple concept that too many writers tend to lose track of. So begins the third story arc in the Survivalist saga.


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