Copyright 1990.

Rourke and his new join commandos are able to successfully repel the Soviets in both Iceland and the Eden base. There is a new threat besides the Soviets. Sarah Rourke his wife has killed a Nazi named Damien Rausch. Damien’s brother Frederick is still alive and wants revenge. Now Rourke has to protect his wife from a vengeful Nazi. The Soviet Underground city has meanwhile made an alliance with the Undersea Soviets.

This book dealt a lot with the threat of the resurgent Nazis that were starting to be a serious threat. Commander Dodd of the Eden project has allied himself with the Nazis to keep his power and a shared belief with the Nazis philosophy of racial purity. Friedrich Rausch is proven to be the equal of Rourke which makes him a very dangerous opponent. Also we get some insight into the women characters as they all take shelter in the Retreat. A short but interesting story before the big final conflict that’s about to take place.

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