Copyright 1989.

The war is entering a new phase. Mid-Wake is officially joining the alliance and has made John Rourke a Brigadier General to command a join commando force of troops from the various factions. The Soviets have developed particle beam weapons that are portable. This could be a game changer. Marshal Antonovich is concerned this could spiral out of control and force the Germans to use nuclear weapons. He dispatches Major Prokopiev who is in trouble for letting the Rourkes go from the last book. Prokopiev is to take the plans for the particle weapon to Rourke and bring parity to the situation. So now Rourke has to save Iceland and the Eden base from falling while dealing with this new threat and a growing Nazi movement to overthrow the current German regime.

Things are starting to move in an interesting direction. The new particle beam weapons threaten a new nuclear holocaust that would irreparably destroy the planet. Antonovich is shown as a man who care more for the survival of the world than Communism which is an interesting development and an unexpected ally. Finally there is resurgent Nazi movement from the old regime that is backed by Commander Dodd of the Eden project which gives a whole new threat to the forces of democracy.

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