Copyright 1988.

John Rourke and Natalia are on the beach when men from the sea emerge and take them prisoner. The two are taken to an underwater city. The city is a pre-war base established by the Soviets and has since survived these five centuries. It is also discovered that an American base also survived called Mid-Wake. The two underwater cities have been fighting the war for the last five centuries. The Soviets get the information that there are other Soviet survivors on the surface and arrange to make contact with Karamatsov’s renegade army. Such a union would doom the forces of freedom. Now Rourke has to escape the underwater city and make contact with the last Americans to rescue Natalia and stop the proposed alliance.

This is a special unnumbered triple sized book. Its also a really interesting story that takes us into an underwater world. Ahern consulted a friend with knowledge of undersea technology and it shows. The diving suits, submarines and undersea cities have a feel of being real. The story gets into a real science fiction feel with the underwater technology. It introduces a new threat in the Soviet city. It also introduces American survivors. The story also sees the end of Karamatsov who at the end is decapitated by Natalia. Or is it?

No he’s dead. Future medical advances can cure cancer but can’t reattach heads. The evil Karamatsov is finally dead for sure which leaves a big question mark in wha’s in store for the Rourke family.


  1. These books sound like a lot of fun. I used to read a lot of serial-type books – The Destroyer I read a ton of, but my favourite has to be the Sam Durell Assignment series by Edward S. Aarons. Incredibly suspenseful and packed full of action. I might have to give these a shot.

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