Copyright 1987.

The books starts off with members of the Rourke family getting married. Paul Rubenstein marries Annie Rourke and Michael Rourke marries his pregnant girlfriend Madison. The honeymoon is short lived as a suicide squad of KGB Elite commandos raid the Hekla community in Iceland. The raid results in Madison being killed. Michael vowing revenge on Karamatsov goes on a reconnaissance mission into Egypt. There Karamatsov is digging up a large canister of gas he had buried next to the pyramids after the Night of the War. The gas turns men into homicidal maniacs. His plan is the use it on the Soviet Underground city. He wants to take over the Soviet government and become the undisputed ruler. Now the Rourkes have to stop his insane plan.

So there is some unexpected tragedy in Madison being killed. It does give the Michael character a prominent role in this story and he makes a strong friendship with the German Major Otto Hammerschmidt. He also is introduced to a future love interest in archeologist Maria Leuden so he bounces back quick. Annie’s psychic abilities which were hinted at back in #10 are starting to manifest itself. Finally Karamatsov is shown to be total ruthless and power mad in using gas on his own people. The Soviets are now in open civil war because of it. With the Soviets divided this brings in a whole new dynamic to the story.


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