Copyright 1986.

The Nazis have been overthrown but for Rourke and his allies there is no time to rest. For right after that the Soviets launch an attack on the German underground city in Argentina. Rourke does understand the psychology of Karamatsov and knows he will retreat if he feels that his life is personally in danger. So a desperate attack is launched against Karamatsov’s rear HQ and indeed he does decide that discretion is the better part of valor and turns tail and runs. Now Rourke has to go after the Soviet agent that kidnapped Annie. The pursuit take him to Iceland were he finds the island inhabited. The Great Conflagration spared Iceland and the inhabitants live in the volcanos. A peaceful people without weapons they now face invasion by the well armed Soviets.

So they find another civilization and more allies in the fight against Karamatsov. Unfortunately the Icelanders have only swords and won’t be a big help. It is an interesting development and shows that there are other survivors on the Earth. Still with the Germans on their side things are not looking so grim.

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