Copyright 1985.

Rourke is approached by Colonel Wolfgang Mann who is part of the Nazis forces. Mann has a proposition for Rourke. There is an anti-Nazi movement at the city in Argentina. Mann is part of the movement and needs Rourke’s help in freeing their leader Dieter Bern. Bern is about to be executed and needs a surgeon that can take out the poison capsule implanted in his neck. In exchange the new regime will help protect the Eden project. Now Rourke sees the value of having a powerful ally in his fight with Karamatsov. Also there’s a moral obligation to overthrow the vile Nazis regime. So with Paul, Natalia and Sarah he infiltrates the underground city and rescues Bern causing a general uprising. At this time a Soviet agent Forrest Blackburn kidnaps his daughter Annie and steals a helicopter to go to the Soviet City in the Urals.

Well this was an interesting turn. They are able to overthrow the Nazis and now have a valuable ally. Interesting that so many who have been brainwashed from birth for five centuries would still reject the Nazis. Ahern has a very positive and upbeat outlook on human nature. Don’t know if this would happen in real life but it does make the story quite enjoyable. So now he still has to defeat the Soviets and rescue his daughter.

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