Copyright 1984.

The Great Conflagration has scoured the Earth’s surface of life but Rourke was able to get cryogenic chambers for his family and friends. He has a plan that is a bit radical. He awakens twenty years before the five hundred year mark when the Eden Project is supposed to return. He revives his 10 year old son Michael and 8 year old Annie. He trains them for five years and then goes back to sleep. The plan is that when the adults revive they will be the same age as his kids.

Well Michael and Annie do grow up. Just days before the scheduled awakening Michael sees a plane go down in the distance. He sets out to investigate and finds a tribe of cannibals. He rescues a girl named Madison and finds she is from a community of one hundred people. When one is born then someone is expelled. The community was a survival retreat for some rich families. After the Conflagration the servants revolted and instituted this population control. The cannibals are from the expelled. Rourke and his friends come and rescue Michael but the community commits mass suicide when they read the diary and find out the truth. The story ends with the Eden Project returning and a hint of an old villain that’s still alive.

So begins the new story arc for the Survivalist. It is a kooky idea Rourke implements and as I read it now probably a bit dangerous. Obviously his wife Sarah freaks out at this which will cause a lot of tension in future stories. Otherwise the book is mainly setting up the future world. It’s mainly Michael and Annie’s story. There is also proof that there are other survivors and some are technologically advanced. It also hints at a sinister old enemy from the past.

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