Copyright 1984.

The Earth is doomed. In days the ionization of the atmosphere will cause a firestorm that will extinguish all life on Earth. Colonel Rozhdestzenskiy is setting himself up to be the master of the world. At the Womb formerly Cheyenne mountain in Colorado he has assembled two thousand of his followers to be put into suspended animation. In five hundred year they will awaken, destroy the returning Eden project and be the undisputed ruler of the world.

General Varakov is a dedicated Communist and patriot but can’t see that such evil be allowed to triumph. Gathering Rourke and his niece Natalia the two together with a small group of Soviet special forces and U.S.II troopers will penetrate the Womb and destroy it. This small group after a bold attack succeeds in destroying the Womb and taking some of the chambers and formula to save Rourke’s family after the Earth bursts into flames.

So all the plotlines finally come together. This is the end of the first story arc in this series. It was real exciting story with a lot of action and a grand apocalyptic ending. We get to see that not all Russians are evil and this was an interesting direction to take the story. Instead of endless fights with the Soviet occupiers Ahern is taking the Rourke family into a far new future. The possibilities are endless and the next story was eagerly awaited. All the characters that didn’t make it were given dignified endings and Rourke at the end had one final defiant act in confronting Rozhdestzenskiy as the world is bursting into flame. A real excellent story.


  1. This, IMO, is the height of the Survivalist. In a vacuum, the best thing to do would be to go through with the timeskip, write a somewhat different book 10 where the shuttles return, and end the series there.

    Instead, it became more and more sci-fi and more and more soap opera-y.

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