Copyright 1984.

Rourke finally tracks down his family in Tennessee. The reunion is short lived for after he gets them safely to his hidden retreat he must go to Chicago. With Natalia the two must somehow make it past Soviet occupation troops to Varakov’s headquarters at the Museum of Natural History. Once there he finds out the horrifying truth. The nuclear war has caused the atmosphere to ionize. Soon the atmosphere will burst into flames destroying all life on Earth. The Americans had launched the Eden project. Six shuttles with 137 men and women from all the democratic countries. Suspended in cryogenic sleep and on an elliptical orbit that will take them back to Earth in 500 years.

But KGB Colonel Rozhdestvenskiy has a plan of his own. At the Womb formerly Cheyenne mountain in Colorado he has assembled 2000 men and women. They will also go into cryogenic sleep with the technology they recovered from the Johnston Space Center. In 500 years they will use particle beam weapons to destroy the returning Eden project. Thus making Rozhdestvenskiy the undisputed master of the world. Now Rourke must stop him for the future of the world.

Finally the plot threads are coming together. Rourke finally finds his family. We learn the secret of the Womb and the Eden project. It sets up a truly apocalyptic scenario that you just have to find out how it ends. This book had a lot of action and was a very satisfactory read.

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