Copyright 1984.

Rourke, Rubenstein, Natalia and the other members of the shore party from the submarine are able to get through the wildmen that populate the new west coast. They find that Filmore air base was neutron bombed and still intact. A dozen personal did manage to survive and one is Rourke’s old friend General Teal. It is soon after that Captain Regis Cole reveals his true self. Cole and his men brutally murder the shore party and the survivors while taking Teal to lead them to the nuclear missile bunker.

Cole is able to make a deal with the leader of the wildmen who was a cult leader before the war and has taken advantage of circumstances to increase his flock. Cole offers him control of one of the missiles. The other five he wants to use on Chicago. He wants to break the back of the Soviet occupation of America and destroying the Soviets main beachhead would effectively end their occupation. If a million or so Americans have to die in the process well too bad. Cole is a white supremacist that killed the real Cole and took his identity. Now Rourke and his friends must stop him from his insane plan.

The seventh book is another action packed story. We already knew that Cole was somehow up to no good and sure enough he is one major dickweed. Rourke is able to stop him in the nick of time and with an appropriated F-111 is able to make it back to Georgia with his friends. He also acknowledges his love for Natalia setting up an awkward love triangle and at the end he rescues a resistance fighter that knows the location of his family. The story threads are set to come together in the next book.


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