Well its time for another Rifftrax live. This one was Time Chasers a classic from the Sci-fi (before it was spelled with a y) era. The show started off with a short from the 1920’s or ’30s. It was about a chimp who was a mascot at a fire station. The chimp does what a chimp would do with his funny antics and threatening to tear off peoples faces. Thankfully he’s there to distract from the house burning down.

Our hero folks.

Our hero folks.

So on to the movie. A big chinned guy who wears a Castleton t-shirt has invented a way to travel through time using his Cessna and a Commodore 64 computer. Now all he needs is money. While watching the late movie an ad comes on with a commercial from GenCorp. The CEO obviously is a caring man. Why we know that? Because he says so. Well big chinned guy decides that’s the place to get funding. But he has to deceive an executive with a bogus claim of a fuel system to get him to come and see his plane I mean time machine. Oh he wants some press coverage so he makes up a story about his grandmother skydiving.

So a little guy in a pink suit and his old high school flame who is a reporter comes and are initially disappointed at the lie. But they do take a ride and get to see the Socialist paradise of 2041 Vermont. A future with everyone in spandex, bicycles, recycled buildings and food courts that look unchanged from the twentieth century.

Food courts of the future.

Food courts of the future.

Well the caring CEO loves the time machine and agrees to take care of everything. So our big chinned hero goes on to date his old girlfriend without a care in the world. Then on a date through time the two go back to 2041 only now everything has changed. Everything is in ruins and people dressed as ads for Old Navy run around with guns. Something bad has happened.
The future.

The future.

Well they confront the CEO and guess what? He’s actually evil. Wow!! What a shock. They barely escape from his atrium/office in the mall to catch a taxi by a guy from New York, New York. Driven by a New Yorker with the worst accent I ever heard.
The powerful CEO's office in the mall atrium.

The powerful CEO’s office in the mall atrium.

So its off on a chase through time. A time that sees them eventually end up in 1777 with warring colonials and redcoats.
Evil CEO and his lackey.

Evil CEO and his lackey.

Thankfully the evil CEO is defeated in battle and the time line is saved.
Evil CEO vs. big chinned guy.

Evil CEO vs. big chinned guy.

So this is a classic from the old MST3K days. I enjoyed this movie. I mean its obviously bad but it does have good production values and a story I could follow and found interesting. Made by a small company in Vermont it has that charm of a small production made in Vermont. The guys had some good riffs and this an enjoyable evening.
Our hero perplexed about the movie.

Our hero perplexed about the movie.

The rifftrax trailer.

And the official trailer for Time Chasers.


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