Copyright 1983.

Rourke has reunited with Natalia and Rubenstein in Georgia. Natalia has a message from her uncle for Rourke but first the three must save a group of soldiers from Brigands. The soldiers lead by a Captain Regis Cole have been looking for Rourke. They have a mission to go to an airbase in northern California. There they will retrieve six nuclear missiles. They want Rourke because he knows the base commander. Now Rourke isn’t interested but must come along because he needs the medical facilities on the nuclear sub they are using after an altercation gravely wounds Natalia.

The sub arrives at the new West Coast that has been drastically altered by the war. The San Andreas fault was activated by bombing and slid the coastline into the sea. They find the new Northern California overrun by hordes of religious fanatics that like to burn heretics on crosses. Rourke also has suspicions about Cole’s agenda.

So California is full of nuts before the war and still full of nuts after. We get to visit the west coast to see what happened in that part of the country. A sidetrack from the main quest but an entertaining story. Cole is clearly a douchebag and it is obvious that there is some sinister motive in his quest for the nuclear missiles. Sarah and the kids are still fighting for their lives. First they are driven out of the house they have taken shelter in by Brigands then out of the refugee camp by Soviet soldiers. While this is going on the KGB are stockpiling supplies at a mysterious base in Colorado called the Womb. All of this sets up an exciting story for the next book in the series.

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