Copyright 1983.

After the Florida earthquake Rourke splits up with Rubenstein and Natalia with his search for his family. He plans to go down toward Georgia and hopefully find them along the way. Rubenstein and Natalia go north to drop off Natalia back to Soviet occupied Chicago. Violent storms are hitting the entire east coast from the Florida earthquake and Rourke must find shelter. He comes upon a small isolated town in Kentucky. The town is carrying on like the war has never happened. Each day a new holiday is being celebrated. The strange behavior is that the town’s inhabitants are living like nothing happened until the supplies run out. Then they plan to carry out a mass suicide pact and blow up the town. A lonely woman drugs Rourke to keep him prisoner so she doesn’t have to die alone.

Meanwhile Karamatsov’s KGB replacement Colonel Rozdestvensky arrives and finds out what the mysterious Eden Project is from the old Presidential retreat. Sarah and the kids head out to Tennessee to find shelter and have to battle cannibalistic brigands, Soviet occupation troops and a bursting dam.

The story is moving along in an interesting direction. Sarah is proving to be a strong woman in keeping her kids safe. The Eden Project is hinted as a looming disaster in the future. I also liked his story with the small suicidal town. I could see that happening in real life. Plus I liked the Misery like plot of the lady keeping Rourke captive by keeping him drugged up on Morphine. An enjoyable story that gets weird as it goes on.

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