Copyright 1981.

Rourke’s quest for his family gets sidetracked when he rescues a woman from Brigands. The woman turns out to be a seismologist who was in the mountains before the Night of the War. Her instruments have detected that the nuclear bombing has created a new fault line. This new fault will within days cause a massive earthquake that will break off the Florida peninsula from the mainland. Rourke decides to suspend his quest to notify the U.S. II government.

Florida is currently occupied by the Cubans. The Cubans are not as lenient in their occupation as the Soviets. Most of the population is interred in concentration camps and this is the situation that Rubenstein finds as he looks for his parents around St. Petersburg. Rourke’s wife Sarah meanwhile gets involved with the resistance in Savannah and Natalia is sent to Miami because of rising tensions between the Cuban and Soviet occupation troops. Now Rourke must expose a traitor in U.S. II and negotiate a truce with the Soviets to evacuate Florida before it slides into the sea.

The fourth book continues to show how messed up the world is after the Night of the War. Rourke almost finds his wife crossing paths but just missing her. Sarah is shown to be developing into a strong woman. She is learning how to survive and protect her children. She is also becoming a leader by organizing a prison rescue of resistance fighters. The story reunites the three friends Rourke, Natalia and Rubenstein. Ahern also once agains shows the Soviets in a positive light. Varakov agrees to a truce and the combined U.S-Soviet rescue manages to save thousands of lives. This was a fun story that ended on an optimistic outlook.


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