Copyright 1981.

The Soviets have landed in America after the Night of the War. Cities in the mid-west and south were neutron bombed and still intact. The Soviets need the intact industry since most of theirs was destroyed in the war. The KGB already has a plan to pacify the country. A list has prominent citizens that have to be found and eliminated before they can rally resistance to the occupation. The name on the top is Samuel Chambers the former Secretary of Communications and the only surviving member of the cabinet which makes him the new President. Chambers is somewhere in Texas and Captain Natalia Tiemerovna the top KGB agent is sent to find him.

Meanwhile Rourke and his friend Paul Rubenstein are traveling through Texas on their way to Georgia. They rescue Natalia who is posing as an American from Brigands. The three have various adventures fighting the brigands and a militia force that is roaming the country. The three are eventually captured by the invading Soviets but Rourke with the help of Natalia who has fallen in love with Rourke helps him rescue the captured Chambers and escape. Rourke and Rubenstein eventually reach Rourke’s home in Georgia and find it burned down but a message from his wife Sarah that she and the kids are alive and heading to Tennessee.

The second book in the series starts to set up the world that Rourke will inhabit. The mid-west and south will be occupied by the Soviets with the HQ in Chicago. A new government known as U.S.II will be formed in Texas and Louisiana to counter the occupation. We get introduced to General Varakov the Soviet Supreme commander of the occupation army and the main villain Major Vladimir Karamatsov. And most important is the friendship that is formed between Rourke, Natalia and Rubenstein. A friendship that will be prominent throughout the series.

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