Copyright 1976.

In the third year of the last decade of the twentieth century which is a fancy way for the author to say 1993, civilization came to an end. For reasons lost to time the world powers launched an all out attack devastating the world with nuclear, chemical and biological attacks. This event became known as BLAM. Now after the BLAM those most used to the absence of civilization were in the best position to survive and the Hell’s Angel Motorcycle Club Los Angeles chapter were survivors. A group on a beer run manage to save the President of the United State from looters. The Angels offer their services as bodyguards which the President accepts. Thus with the President using the Hell’s Angels as a Preatorian Guard and some academics form the Fief in the San Joaquim Valley. A rival group forms the Peregrine Fief further west and uses a rival motorcycle gang the Gypsy Jokers as their enforcers.

Two hundred years later both states have endured with an uneasy peace. The motorcycle gangs continue to feud with one another but the rival states live in an uneasy peace. There is a greater threat rising in the east. The Eastern Seaboard Federation is aggressively expanding westward. A scientist working for them has discovered a process to make the dead lands habitable. The Fief sends three Hell’s Angels lead by Long Range and his buddy Milt and another Angel named Belial. Linking up with Indians fighting the Federation they infiltrate the complex in the Ozark Mountains to rescue the scientist.

This book advertises itself as “A Motorcycle Grail Quest Epic and Science Fiction Western.” Wow. Who wouldn’t want to read that. Unfortunately it doesn’t quite live up to its own hype. Wilson does have a tendency to bog down the story with boring exposition. There is also the weird hippie/Native American new age mysticism bullshit that takes up a whole chapter and seems to have no purpose. This was the seventies. An of course the heroes are Hell’s Angels who are not really nice guys. They seem to spend most of their time in drug induced orgies and are fairly casual about raping women. Now the hero Long Range seems like a nice guy. Pretty oversensitive for a Hell’s Angel. Wants something better and prefers to have sex alone with the girl than have the brothers stand around giving advice. Yep a real romantic.

Now of course the Eastern Federation are pretty bad guys. They dress in black with dark visors on their helmets giving them an insect like appearance. And the officers have adopted an English accent for no other reason then to sound evil. Nothing more evil than a English accent. Still the book was somewhat interesting as an example of a post-apocalyptic book from the seventies.



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