Copyright 1987.

Hadad is a Visitor cryogenic technician that was stranded on Earth after the red dust was released. Abandoned he makes his way away from Los Angeles and ends up in the small town of Prineville in central Oregon. A place that seems unaffected by the red dust. There he takes up residence in a cave outside town and takes a job at the local saw mill. The people accept him as a foreign immigrant and he settles into a peaceful life.

Then one day a Visitor Mother Ship comes to Central Oregon. The expedition is there to test a new anti-toxin that the Visitors have developed for the red dust. In the expedition is an old friend of Hadad’s that is now his enemy. Hadad is a priest of Zon and is now considered a traitor. Together with a human named Ruth Hogan a free spirited artist the two must escape as the Visitors conquer the towns in central Oregon.

After the horrible To Conquer the Throne this was a welcome change of pace. Jayne Tannehill has a beautiful writing style. The story is somewhat slow paced but that is made up with an interesting story and likeable characters of Hadad and Ruth. The story does at the end get a little weird with the religious mysticism and the story seemed to end abruptly. Possibly there was a planned sequel. Unfortunately this would be Jayne’s first and only contribution to the series. Which is too bad since I would have liked to read about how Hadad and Ruth’s quest would have turned out.

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