Copyright 1987.

Gabriella Nicks is an American student in London. One night her fiancé Nigel Smythe-Walmsley comes to her fleeing the Visitors. Nigel a son of a notorious collaborator in the House of Lords is the leader of the British resistance. He has been betrayed by a member in the resistance hierarchy. Now Gabriella finds herself on the run pursued by the Visitors and traitors in the British resistance. She eventually hooks up with the IRA, the only effective resistance group against the Visitor occupation and its Vichy type government in the British Isles.

She becomes a symbol of resistance and a major thorn in Medea the Visitor commander to subvert her devious plan to break the will of the British people. It involves having Kaspar the deceased Visitor European commander’s body being interred in Westminster Abbey. Apparently this is a diabolical plan that would break the people’s spirit. But thankfully Gabriella and the IRA come to the rescue with stolen skyfighters and take over the London Mother Ship.

Well if Path to Conquest was the best then this was the worst book in the series. Where to begin? The hokey melodramatic dialogue. Example “Silence,” the Visitor captain hissed. “Another word out of you and we’ll kill you and eat you right here in the street.” Or the dull characters and shoddy plot. It seems just sort of thrown together in a quick haphazard way. The IRA produces seven captured skyfighters at the end with no explanation. They conveniently use them to assault and capture the Mother Ship with ease.

Oh and lets not forget the scene were Medea decides to have the resistance traitor for dinner literally. He is cooked in a wine sauce and served with an apple in his mouth. While gruesome it is totally inaccurate. It was established that Visitors being reptiles must eat there food alive or freshly killed and raw. Obviously Sullivan is not real familiar with the TV series and it shows in his writing.

This is a bad book. A bold statement but I stand by it. The third and final book written by Tim Sullivan. He was my least favorite writer in the series and he ended his contribution with this turkey. A real let down after such a great start to the revival of this series. Thankfully the next book was a lot better.


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