Copyright 1985.

Rick Hurley is a member of the Los Angeles resistance. On an mission at John Wayne airport his group is ambushed in a surprise Visitor trap. Barely escaping he finds refugee in a airplane and passes out. When he wake he finds himself on a cargo plane with stolen medical supplies bound for Dallas-Fort Worth. Sheryl Lee Darcy is a member of the resistance in Texas and is delivering the desperately needed supplies. The Visitors campaign in Texas is quite brutal. They have blasted the cities into rubble and round up the survivors for processing into the food storage pods on the Mother Ship.

On the way the plane is shot down by a Visitor fighter. The two resistance members are saved by an old P-51 mustang that shows up and manages to shoot it down. The plane is piloted by Charlie Scoggins a Korean war vet who now hunts down solidary Visitor fighters with his restored WWII vintage aircraft. He is able to organized the various ranchers in the area to recover the medical supplies and transport them to the Dallas-Ft. Worth city. At the same time the Visitor commander Garth is hunting for Sheryl Lee. Her mother had shot off his hand and he has a diabolical plan for vengeance against Sheryl Lee.

This is the second and final book written by Proctor. While not as good as his first book it is still a fun fast paced story he has written. He depicts a savage brutal total war going on in Texas. Cities are razed and whole populations are rounded up for processing. Its an interesting interpretation for the series and I would have liked to have seen more from this author. But is was not meant to be.

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