Copyright 1985.

Diana the leader of the Visitors has been ordered to reactivate desalinization plants along the west coast. The Visitor’s home world is desperate for water. Unfortunately the resistance has developed a new strain of red dust bacteria and introduced it into the local kelp. This new strain is impossible to filter and makes the water in southern California useless to the Visitors. So Diana introduces a plan to introduce a defoliant that will kill the kelp. This will upset the delicate ecological balance and spell disaster for the west coast.

This is the third book written by Crispin and was co-written with her friend. Interesting that the story came about when the two were visiting the set of the series. On a trip to Catalina they came up with the idea and decided to develop it for a TV script. It eventually got sold as this book. This is very well written story. You have real depth to the various characters. Julie struggles with a possible pregnancy. Donovan struggles with the constant strain of being a hunted fugitive. On a mission to New York he is offered a news anchor job and seriously considers leaving the resistance. In addition there is also plenty of fast paced action and suspense.

When this book came out the series was at the end of its first and only season. I wonder if writers like Crispin were writing for the series that it might have gone on. Instead we are left with what might have been. This is Crispin’s final book for the series and was one of the best.

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