Copyright 1984.

The book follows a group of ordinary citizens in New York as they form a resistance against the alien occupation of the Visitors. Lead by Peter Forsythe a ballplayer for the New York Yankees and Lauren Stewart a diplomat at the UN this motley collection fights the Visitors. Named White Christmas this festive group of New Yorkers slowly become a serious force to be reckoned with. Finally on V-day the day that the world resistance releases a toxic dust into the atmosphere they must defeat a sinister plan by Roger the New York mothership commander to empty a neighborhood in Brooklyn of its people for the food pods aboard the mothership.

The author’s introduction states how this book came about. Originally there was to be two separate books for each of the mini-series. But at the last minute the publishers decided to make it one book. Now the publishers had rights for two V books. So they decided to have another that would feature a New York resistance that would parallel the events of the TV mini-series. Crispin busy finishing the adaptation got her friend Howard to help and the result was East Coast Crisis.

Both authors did an excellent job. The story is an interesting tale with strong characters that are believable. It fits in smoothly with the mini-series and makes a nice addition to the V universe. One interesting bit is at the end the Fifth Column the Visitor resistance manage to take over the New York mothership and it is hinted that others were also captured. They didn’t take into account that this wasn’t over and a TV series was coming soon after. Indeed at the end Pinnacle proudly announces its next upcoming book based on the TV series.

Crispin would go on the co-write another book and Weinstein would write two more books. In my opinion these were probably the best in the V book series.