Copyright 1985.

Willie the Visitor that joined the human resistance comes to the small town of Cutter’s Cove, Maine. He is there to volunteer himself as a guinea pig in experiments. Dr. Randall Brunk has come up with a possible toxin that could drive the Visitors off the planet. After being saved from a lynching by the townspeople by Pythias Day the new sheriff the two head out to Dr. Brunk’s lab outside town.

When they get there they find Brunk and his assistant have fled a squad of Visitor shock troops lead by Ronald. He is also there to get Dr. Brunk’s formula. Pythia’s manages to escape but is too late to save the men of Cutter’s Cove as they are treacherously lead into an ambush by a traitor. Now Pythias must form some sort of resistance to stop Ronald.

The second book by Tim Sullivan is another weak addition to the series. While it starts out ok it soon descends into his trademark goofy rituals he comes up with for the Visitors. In this case Ronald performs an ritual where he hunts Willie on a small island. Its something that just drags the story along without any excitement. Also he throws in two hunters from New York who I guess were supposed to be comic relief but were more annoying with their whining. Oh and the stilted dialogue , cardboard characters and general hackneyed plot make it a less than interesting read. Sullivan was the weakest writer in the series.

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