Copyright 1985.

The resistance in Chapel Hill, North Carolina have successfully infiltrated and bugged the offices of the Visitor HQ in the research park. This new intelligence source has revealed a Visitor research program. Leon a Visitor biologist is conducting experiments on Crivits in the area. The goal seems to be to release them into the wild. Crivits are sort of land sharks from their home world. Traveling through sand the Crivits will reach up with their tentacles and drag down their prey. Carnivorous and quick breeders the Crivits could spread all along the eastern seaboard and cause untold damage to lives and the economy. Now the resistance must mobilize to stop this threat.

The Crivits were introduced in a TV episode as sort of guard dogs for prisoner camps. Allen Wold writes a solid story that is filled with intrigue. The actual threat is not the Crivits which was an interesting twist at the end. If there was a weakness in the story it is that the Visitor occupation is portrayed as very benign. Life seems to be going on as normal. People going to work. Stores and restaurants don’t have any shortages. The university is still functioning as usual. Indeed the Visitors presence is confined to random checkpoints were they search the cars and check IDs. They seem to be more of a nuisance than sinister. If you are going to have lizard Nazis from outer space they should act like lizard Nazis from outer space.

This was the second of three books that Allen Wold did for the series. All of them were solid entries with an enjoyable story. I was never disappointed when I saw his name as the author.


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