Copyright 1985.

The Los Angeles resistance has scored a victory against the Visitors. They have successfully liberated three intelligence agents right out from under Lydia’s nose. Now they have to figure a way to get them out of Los Angeles and back to their homes. Mike Donovan, Ham Tyler and Chris Faber have a plan to return the Japanese agent back to his country. Taking him to a small town of Crows Fork they will meet their contact to smuggle him out of the country.

Unfortunately Lydia the security chief that lost the prisoners has found out the plans. Now the three resistance fighters are trapped in the small town. Lydia threatens to execute the townspeople until the resistance fighters are turned over. While this goes on the other members are trying to smuggle weapons up from Central America and gain secret battle plans from the Fifth Column.

The first book based on the TV series. If you remember the series it was sort of a mess. Rushed into production to capitalize on the success of the mini-series. It used way too much stock footage, had pointless fight scenes, killed off or abruptly dropped popular characters and seemed to have no idea in what direction to take the story. Still I liked it. I thought it had great potential if given time.

Howard Weinstein having just read the first few scripts has managed to weave a really exciting an believable story. The characters come alive and the situations are believable. I wish that he was the one who wrote for the series. I think him and other writers of these books could have made it a success. This book gives a glimpse into what the series could have been like. Weinstein is my favorite author of the series and all three books he did were the best of the series.

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