Copyright 1985.

It is several months after the Visitors have left and things seem to be back to normal. Jack Stern a football player for the Miami Dolphins is worried about his finance Sabrina Fontaine. A biologist she has disappeared after accepting a job with a new company. While searching her home he comes upon two guys ransacking the place. The two are Ham Tyler and Chris Faber CIA agents and former resistance fighters. They tell him that Sabrina has been taken by the Visitors.

This leads the three to a secret Visitor base deep in the Everglades. The head Visitor scientist Dr. Morrow has found a antidote for the red dust. He also has been conducting experiments on creating a human-alligator hybrid to be used as a super soldier. If that isn’t enough he also wants to mate with Sabrina and create another hybrid star child. Now the three must organize a resistance among the local Seminoles and swamp rats to destroy this new threat.

Another book written before the series format was known. I always found Tim Sullivan to be the weakest of the writers in this series. While it is an interesting read, after such quality books that came before this you can’t help but be disappointed. He tends to take a more campy approach with his interpretation. I mean who would build a gladiatorial arena at a secret research facility in the swamp. It does get used. A sheriff is forced to fight the alligator hybrid. Two clone Visitor soldier that are disgraced fight to the death with serrated swords. Oh and at the end they blow up a Mother Ship way too easily.

This would be the first of three books that Tim Sullivan would write for the series. This is actually the best of the three.

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