Copyright 1985.

It is V-day and an armada of small aircraft and balloons fill the skies over Chicago. At the same time Gerald a Visitor commander leads a strike force of 200 shock troopers on a raid of the resistance headquarters. He finds it deserted but recovers a bag with 200 pills labeled anti-toxin. He quickly distributes the pills to his troops hoping to win a great victory over the resistance and gain glory for himself. But its too late and he is ordered to pull back as the Visitor fleet flees the planet.

Alicia the commander of the Chicago Mother Ship is quite angry because Gerald used all the pills instead of saving some to be reproduced. They can’t isolate the anit-toxin in the blood stream. Still she comes up with daring plan. She will use the immune shock troopers to kidnap the leaders of the resistance in Chicago and convert them. Thus she will establish a foothold back on Earth.

A week later finds Samuel Walker a disillusioned Vietnam vet still hiding out with his girlfriend in the abandoned suburb of Arlington Heights. Since the Visitors emptied out the suburb the two have been in hiding only coming out at night to scrounge for food. On one such trip they meet their resistance contact Janus Brodaski an old veteran of the Polish underground during WWII. He tells them of the victory and Walker and his girlfriend start to think about the future. Unfortunately his girlfriend wanders into the immune shock troopers and is killed. Now Walker and Janus are the only two that know of the immune Visitors and must somehow convince the resistance before Alicia’s plan succeeds.

The second book for the new TV series written without any knowledge of what the show would be like. Here Proctor decides to also pick up the story right after the Final Battle mini-series. He sets it in Chicago so we get to explore another different city. I found this to be a really interesting story. Proctor is a good writer and would go on to write one more book for the series. This is what I always liked about the book series. It would explore other parts of the world. This and Pursuit of Diana really got me hooked on this series and I couldn’t wait for the next one due out next month.

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