Copyright 1984.

The Visitors have been defeated by the red dust. Diana’s plan to destroy the Earth by setting off the Los Angeles mothership has been stopped thanks to the mysterious powers of the alien hybrid Elizabeth. Now Donovan, Parrish and the other members of the resistance and Fifth Column are facing the aftermath. The mothership engines are damaged from it’s quick exit from the atmosphere. On board are many Visitors that are quite hostile to the resistance/Fifth Column takeover of the ship. They must somehow repair the engines while insuring there isn’t a Sixth column resistance among the Visitor crew.

On Earth society starts to settle in to a post-Visitor liberation. While on the surface it appears that society is moving on there are some serious problems. The world’s leaders at all levels were converted by the Visitors brainwashing techniques. Now puppets that had their strings severed the leaders are giving erratic and contradictory orders. Into this Diana the sadistic Visitor leader enters into an alliance with a power hungry National Guard colonel. She will use her influence over the converted leaders to reestablish Visitor control over the Earth. Now the resistance must stop her before their hard won victory is undone.

When it was announced that the mini-series would become a regular TV series Pinnacle decided to do a series of books. Of course they had no idea what the TV series would be but wanted the books on the stands by the time to series came on air. So the first three or four would have to be quickly written and the authors were on their own in figuring out on how the series would go.

Allen Wold decided to pick up the story right after the Final Battle mini-series. He did a pretty good job of coming up with a plausible continuation. It continues seamlessly from the mini-series ending and has all the surviving characters. This was the first V book I read and it got me hooked on the series. Allen Wold would write two more after this and all of them were well written.


  1. I remember watching the mini-series on TV. I also remembered Robert Englund in his role, thus greatly affecting my liking of Nightmare On Elm Street! 🙂 I’ve not read the books, though. I’m not even sure I knew there were books. *blushing, eyes and head lowered in shame*

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