Copyright 1991.

Yama the warrior has deserted the Home. Way back in the New York Run Yama fell in love with a Technic soldier named Alicia. She sacrificed her life to save Yama and died betraying her people to save the Home. Her death has been a constant source of grief to him and finally he snaps. He takes off to Chicago to wage a one man war against the Technics to avenge her death.

When he infiltrates the city he finds out that there is a successful insurgency being waged against the Technics. So successful the Prime director of the Technics has come up with a final solution to the problem. He plans to fake a phony plague that attacks men from 18-40. When they go in for an inoculation that will instead kill them. He plans to kill off a million adult males which would put an end to any insurrection. Yama joins up with the resistance and comes up with a daring plan to decapitate the leadership in one daring attack. Blade and the Alpha triad meanwhile must follow on foot since the SEAL is in for repairs and fight various raiders and cannibal gangs along the way.

It was August 1991 when this book came out. The Soviet Union was months away from oblivion. A new era was approaching and this saw the end of the popular post-apocalypse series from the ’80s. Some ended with a story that brought closure to the series. Others just abruptly ended. This was the fate of the Endworld/Blade series. So the last book ended with the defeat of a major enemy. The Technics were overthrown and the city of New Chicago was a democracy about to enter the Freedom Federation. Then no further books came out.

I didn’t give it much thought at the time. I was graduation college and moving into an adult life so there was little time for books. Well since I have rediscovered reading these books I also found out that the author three years ago has revived the series. So the adventures of Blade, Hickok, Yama and the other warriors are still not over. So join me next weekend for brand new adventures of Endworld.


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