Copyright 1991.

The Lords of Kismet are out to get revenge on Blade and the Freedom Force. After their failure with the Pipeline Strike they sent their most diabolical assassins. Ancient shapeshifters called the Gualaon that are nearly indestructible and can change into anyone or thing in minutes. They also have a craving for human flesh.

Blade returns with Grizzly from their adventures in the last book. He knows that he must somehow get rid of General Gallagher but with Havoc and Athena dead his proof against him is gone. Blade settles in to integrate Grizzly and Havoc’s replacement his younger brother Sgt. Stephen Havoc. Soon after the Force has a run in with a small young girl that can scale electrified fences and mysterious threatening messages written in human blood posted on the side of their barracks. The weirdness comes to a head when Blade is attacked in his office by Jaguarundi. Jaguarundi is immediately placed under arrest which further lowers the moral of the Force.

Into this Gallagher arranges a training exercise for the Force in a remote valley. A demoralized Force soon finds out that it is a trap. Gallagher has been replaced by a Gualaon and Sgt Havoc is also a shapeshifter. Now the Force is in a fight for their lives where an enemy can easily be a trusted comrade.

So General Gallagher has been replaced by a shapeshifter. This does explain why he became a total dickweed. Originally he seemed to be an honorably man if not a firm supporter of the Force. So this is the final book in the Blade series. I did ask the author on his facebook page if he was also going to revive his series with a Blade #14. His cryptic reply was that things have changed drastically for the Federation and the Freedom Force. It will be made clear in the next Endworld. So I am anxiously waiting for the release of this new book.

My final thoughts on this series is I really liked it. Obviously it was created to milk the success of the Endworld series. It was an entertaining series and in some ways I liked it even better than Endworld. It got Blade out of the walled Home and into the real world where he interacted with people not of the family. It introduced others from the various factions of the Federation. It also kept up Robbin’s talent for introduction wacky villains and strange locations. So while the Blade series is done I suspect that the characters established will make appearances in future Endworld books. Definitely not the end.

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