Copyright 1991.

In the last book Blade found out that Athena the reported on the Force did not die. Her death was faked with the help of General Gallagher. Athena was having second thoughts on a relationship with Grizzly. After all he is a friggin Grizzly bear-human hybrid. Now that Blade has found out Athena’s deception he decides to find Grizzly in the outlands. Athena and Captain Havoc accompany him.

The search takes them to a place called Mesaville. Mesaville is an underground city built under a mesa in the Arizona desert. It is a haven for every scumbucket in the outlands. Its run by a seven foot mutant by the name of Death Master. There gladiatorial games are performed with humans against various mutant creatures both humanoid and animal. Grizzly is one of the star attractions in these games.

After an awkward reunion Blade earns the enmity of Death Master. This is fine with Blade since he has decided that this cesspool of iniquity must be cleansed. Four against hundreds and many mutant hybrids. Mesaville’s days are numbered.

This is a sad book. Athena does decide that she made a mistake and confesses her love for Grizzly. Unfortunately before the two can have a happy life she sacrifices hers to save him. Captain Havoc also dies. Two likable characters die in this. We do get Grizzly back into the Force and he was a popular character. Also there is still unresolved issues that Blade has with General Gallagher that are sure to play a prominent role in the next book.

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