Part II of the crappening is starting to pick up some steam. The show started off with a short Appreciating Your Parents II. This is sort of a reboot of a classic short from MST3K. This ones in color and about a satanic sock puppet that turns a feminine boy invisible so he can see how hard his parents work. A good warm up to the main event.

The movie starts off with Ian Ziering and Tara Reid on a flight coming in to New York. The two have apparently reconciled and are somewhat famous from their adventures in L.A. Well wouldn’t you know that it just so happens another Sharknado is now brewing along the east coast. The plane flies into a swarm of flying pissed off sharks at 20,000 feet. It seems sharks have no problem being out of water at such high altitudes. They take out their anger by eating the pilot and co-pilot. Luckily Ian is an accomplished pilot and safely lands the plane but not before Tara loses her hand to a shark.

Its raining sharks.

Its raining sharks.

After landing Ian sets out to find his sister and her family. Thus begins a wild search that involves a ton of cameos by minor celebrities, flooding subways, flooding streets, out of control rolling statue of liberty head, flying sharks, sharks climbing stairs, burning sharks climbing stairs and a whole lot of feelings being discussed by the main characters. It all comes to an end when the cast unites and blows up the Freon stored on top of the Empire State Building.

Out of control rolling head. Look out!!!

Out of control rolling head. Look out!!!

I think we can all agree that it will now be mandatory for a Sharknado movie to be made every year. I suppose that’s good for Tara so she can finally have a steady income to pay for her plastic surgery. I do have reservations that the well will start to run dry of ideas with the concept. I did think that the second movie was more fun than the first. The first was really just a standard bad shark movie. No more special than Sharktopus or Megarobot Shark vs. Octopus. The second was very self conscious of its badness and just went over the top. Indeed this movie was making fun of itself on purpose which just make it way too easy for the guys to crack riffs.

This is really goofy.

This is really goofy.

So I am looking forward to Sharknado 3 Oh Hell No! which will be aired later this month on the SyFy channel. Also in October the third movie in the Crappening Miami Connection will hit theaters. Its an eighties martial arts/rock-n-roll/crime movie that looks just bonkers. I have a feeling it will be the best movie yet.

I’m certain that I’ll be in theaters next July to watch this.


  1. I felt mixed during the Rifftrax here. The jokes were funny, yeah, for the most part. But it also felt like I didn’t really need the Rifftrax gang to be amused. I mean, yeah, the movie is ripping off Airplane! … so why do I need Mike Nelson in to tell me it’s a scene ripped from Airplane! then?

    The movie got to be its best when it was trying to treat the disaster movie storyline seriously, and the riffing at its best too. It could’ve used more earnestness in its stupid premise.

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