Copyright 1991.

Blade has found evidence that a former force member Athena Morris did not die. He embarks on a quest to find out the true fate of Athena. While in L.A. Blade rescues an old bag lady from a gang of thugs called the Pagan Warlords. Their leader Mickey gets a serious ass whipping. Now Mickey is an over sensitive thug who has his feelings hurt because of the ass kicking. So he takes on a personal vendetta to make Blade pay. Never mind that Blade has taken on opponents far more dangerous that some punk gang members. Mickey is too dumb and pretty much commits suicide in taking on Blade.

Blade’s quest takes him from Los Angeles to San Francisco. He has to battle not only the Pagan Warlords but General Gallagher’s minions to find out the truth of Athena’s fate.

After the L.A. Strike the author must have felt that Blade needed a story highlighting him in a fight against a street gang. This is primarily a Blade story with the rest of the force except Havoc making a brief appearance. The main interest in this story is that Athena Morris is found alive at the end which set up a whole new interesting story arc. Captain Mike Havoc also decides that General Gallagher is wrong about Blade and firmly aligns himself with Blade. This was an interesting story and I can’t wait to see where it goes.

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