Copyright 1990.

A man stumbling through the woods is chased by wolves when he is rescued by Yama. The man later reveals that he was searching for the Home and needs help from the warriors. He is from around the city of Green Bay which has been taken over by the Technics. The autocratic rulers of Technic city formerly Chicago have set up a base on the abandoned campus of the university. Now people including the man’s wife and daughter are mysteriously disappearing.

Blade is obviously concerned that the Technics are up to some nefarious project and decides to investigate. Taking Yama and Sampson they embark in the SEAL to investigate. On arrival they find hordes of people in a zombie like homicidal rage. The minister of science Quentin Darmobray has been conducting experiments on making people docile slaves. It seems that the people of Chicago do not care for the rigid society of the Technics. Computer simulations show that the Technics will be overthrown in 17.2 years. Hence the mind control experiments.

Of course twenty percent become homicidal zombies but Darmobray is confident the bugs will be worked out. He didn’t thought count on Blade who is determined to put an end to his ghastly experiments.

Its nice to see the author bring back a story with the Technics. They were a great enemy for Blade and this story shows them as worthy foes. Now my dad’s family is from Green Bay. I still have an aunt up there and occasionally visit. Always fun to have a story set in a place you are familiar with. It also amuses me that the Technics would choose Green Bay. The greatest rivalry in football is the Packers-Bears. It seems appropriate that evil Chicagoans would choose Green Bay as the place to conduct their zombie experiments. I don’t know if the author had that symbolism in mind but I do approve of his setting for the story.

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