Copyright 1990.

After their success with El Diablo the governor decides to reward the Force. They get an all expense paid three days in Los Angeles at the most expensive hotel. Blade is wary about this but relents when the other Force members really want to take up the governor’s generous offer. In reality Blade’s worries are well founded. General Gallagher has a plan to discredit the Force. He hopes that the wild members most being from more primitive factions will tear up the town.

The force minus Blade who decides to stay back to catch up on paperwork check into the swankiest hotel and decide to hit the town. The snooty hotel clerk recommends the China White the hottest nightclub. Well L.A. has retained its lifestyle pretty much as it was before the war. It has also retained it’s less savory elements in two street gangs the Brothers and the Hollywood Barons. The club is owned by the Brothers and while visiting is attacked by the Barons. Raphaela is mistaken for the leader of the Brother’s girlfriend and kidnapped. Now the force is caught in the middle of a gang war.

This is an interesting adventure for the Force. The story is pretty conventional with no weird mutants or world power man dictators. Just your typical drug dealing gangs. Of course the members are colorful. The Brother’s are lead by the suave Mr. Bad and his henchman the Claw. A guy who has of course a prosthetic metal claw. The Baron’s are lead by Mr. Owsley a guy big as a truck and strong as one.

What makes this story interesting is that the Force starts to bond as a unit. Captain Havoc has serious doubts about General Gallagher’s plan. A plan that goes down in flames as newspaper reports praise another Force victory in eliminated the street gangs. It is also notable for the absence of Blade. He doesn’t really show up until the final chapter. This would be the first book were Blade is not the main player in the action.


  1. Hm, interesting to note when they start taking chances with their main character, backing him off a bit, seeing if the series can withstand it.

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