Copyright 1990.

A man wakes up in a hospital with no memory of who he is or where he’s from. A kindly doctor and nurse inform him that his name is Berwin and he was involved in a construction accident. Now at Kennedy Memorial Hospital in Boston Berwin comes to terms with his amnesia. He has strange dreams of a walled compound and starts to wonder why he is being isolated from the rest of the world.

Berwin is actually Blade who has been kidnapped by an elite Soviet squad and taken to Boston. The Soviets want to find out valuable information on the Home to launch an attack. After they get the information they then want to extract Blade’s sperm to breed genetically perfect super soldiers.

While this goes on his fellow warriors find out that Blade was taken to Boston and a rescue mission is mounted. Hickok, Geronimo and an inexperienced warrior named Marcus take off in the SEAL. They get ambushed by a Soviet patrol in Strawberry Point, Iowa. While managing to defeat the patrol Marcus is killed and the other two are too injured to continue on. Of course Blade doesn’t need any rescuing. Gaining back his memory he leaves a one man path of death and destruction throughout the city.

So the Soviets are back at it. We get another new location to visit. I find it interesting to see how life is like in the Soviet occupied zone. Marcus was an interesting character and I was sorry to see him go. Definitely another fun entry in the Endworld saga.


    • Probably. Russians have always found their way into the bad guy role even after the collapse of the USSR. I still think China will be more popular as the bad guys. Russia has never really recovered to its Soviet level power.

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