Copyright 1990.

It has been nine months since Blade disbanded the force. While he had some time with his family he was still kept busy fighting the Soviets, naked cultists, salamander men etc. Now the Freedom Force is once again being assembled with an all new batch of recruits. The recruits are an eclectic mix of men, woman and mutant hybrid. Still this group seems to have a lot more potential then the last bunch.

Shortly after the new recruits arrive General Gallagher suggests a training mission. From Baja a vicious raider called El Diablo has been raiding towns on the southern border. Swooping down in armored dune buggies they rape and loot the unsuspecting towns. Gallagher proposes that the Force track down El Diablo’s gang to their camp. Then call in an airstrike to wipe them out.

Blade is reluctant to take out the newly formed force until they have been properly trained but the mission sounds low risk and would provide some valuable field training. Well of course everything goes wrong from the beginning. They are ambushed and one of them is captured. Now the force has no choice but to take on El Diablo and send him and his minions to meet the real Devil.

Finally the force is back. With a whole new bunch. This book does a good job of introducing the new members. The villain while evil is not the typical megalomaniac with world conquest plans. He was an immigrant to California with his wife. Shortly after arriving his wife was raped and killed by a gang of hooligans. Now he has an extreme hatred of all Californians and takes out his revenge. Also we find out that General Gallagher is working to destroy the force. He feels its a waste of resources and wants to ruin Blade’s reputation which is why he suggested this easy mission.

So I will give a role call to the new members.
Doc Madsen from the Calvary. A gambler, gunfighter and drifter. A quick draw with his magnums and a real laid back attitude.
Raphaela from the Moles. A beautiful 21 year old redhead. Inexperienced and somewhat naïve. She joined to escape the Moles for a personal reason not yet disclosed.
Sparrow Hawk from the Flathead Indians. Another excellent warrior and tracker.
Lobo from the Clan. A former gang member from the Twin cities. Is somewhat of a slacker and bullshit artist.
Jaguarundi from the Civilized Zone. Another hybrid from the Doktor’s Genetic Research Division. As his name implies he is a jaguarundi-human hybrid. Has a more agreeable personality and doesn’t have a chip on his shoulder like Grizzly.
Captain Mike Havoc of the California Army. Sgt. Havoc’s younger brother. Another professional soldier. He joined the force to conspire with General Gallagher against Blade. Blames him for his brother’s death but finds himself with a growing admiration for Blades leadership after this mission.


  1. Jaguarundi. Always with the great and pretty-great cats. Why do none of these secret genetic experiment projects ever produce someone who’s part-human, part-badger? Besides the obvious reason, I mean.

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