Copyright 1989.

In the warriors last run to Las Vegas they learned of a threat to their Home. The Dragons the faction that rules south Florida has plans to destroy the Family. Now Blade has no idea what the hell the Dragons beef is with them but takes any threat to the Home seriously. So he enlists one of the Hurricanes to drop him and two other warriors Hickok and Rikki-Tikki-Tavi west of Miami.

Soon after landing they rescue two young teenagers from a giant alligator. They find out that Miami is run by the Dragons. After the war Miami fell under control of the drug gangs. The Dragons are a family of mutants that managed to take over a gang and eventually become the undisputed rulers of south Florida. Miami is now a cesspool of drug dealers and prostitution. The Narcs are the Dragon’s enforcers and maintain the now legalized drug trade.

Blade eventually tracks down the Dragons. They have plans of expanding their drug trade into the Federation and the Family is just in the way. Its just good business nothing personal. Unfortunately for the Dragons Blade does take it personally and shows the Dragons the business ends of his Bowies.

Another fun little adventure in the Endworld saga. Thanks to the Hurricanes the warriors can now easily travel to some far away places. Miami is another fascinating corner of the country. Drug use was a hot topic back in the late ’80s early ’90s with Miami the main point of entry. So it is not surprising that we would get a story of mutant drug dealers in the area.


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